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Stitch Club Tryon

We are excited about creating a local chapter of a nationwide club to elevate the needlepoint community as a whole. By being a part of a structured network of cities that support, welcome, and encourage each other, we believe that this will be a free and fun way to spread the joy of needlepoint in our community! We are thrilled to have you join Stitch Club Tryon, and look forward to including you on our group's stitching adventures!

What do we do?

  • Stitch #wip (works in progress) and meet in-person
  • Stitching, sipping, and spreading the joy of needlepoint to others
  • There is no cost associated with this event
  • "Stitch Club is the new Book Club"
  • BYOB

    September Meetings at Tryon Resort
    Thursdays @ 4PM - 6PM
    Call for Location


    Follow us on Instagram @stitchclubtryon, #stitchclubtryon, and #stitchclubisthenewbookclub