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Au Ver A Soie® Soie d'Alger · 4911-5416

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100% stranded Spun silk  ·  7 plies  ·  5 meter skeins
Meet Soie d'Alger

Soie d'Alger by Au Ver a Soie® is a stranded spun silk with 7 plies, which are easily divided. Soft, lustrous and smooth, it is made from a spun silk called "strusas" which gives it unrivaled regularity for hand embroidery. It does not come from Algeria, the name "Alger" refers to a specialized domestic manufacturing process.

Soie d'Alger is perfect for cross stitch and hand embroidery on linen. It is particularly nice to use in contrast with Soie Perlee in the same design---one thread having a high sheen, the other a soft luster.
• Soie d'Alger is durable for canvas work. Does not pill.
• Use 2-3 plies for tent stitch on 18 mesh.
• All seven plies cover tent stitch on 13 mesh.
• Soie d'Alger makes the most beautiful cording and tassels for needlework finishing.

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