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Silk Lame' Braid ∙ SL001 - SL100

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Synthetic  ∙  Hand-Washable  ∙  10 yard cards

Meet Silk Lame Braid for 18ct

This mix of silk and metallic together give your design a wonderful sparkle. You can use it as is off the card for stitching, no plying necessary. 18 count contains four strands of silk and four metallic filaments braided together. Makes a beautiful twisted cord and tassel for finishing.

72% Silk, 18% Rayon, 10% Metalized Polyester
Hand Washable, Test First. Made in USA.

Recommendations for use:
Needlepoint 16-18 Count
Long Stitch 13-16 Count
Cross Stitch 11-16 Count

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