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Straw Silk ∙ Color Palettes

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100% Silk  ∙  Single-Ply  ∙  Hand-Dyed  ∙  6.5 yards per color

There are 5 colors per card and 4 strands per color (6yds) vs. 7 strands in a single skein of Straw Silk. There are new colors as well as fan favorites included on each palette.

Meet Straw Silk

Hand-dyed and hand-painted 100% straw silk fiber. It’s quickly becoming a favorite stitching fiber for needlepoint and surface embroidery. Straw Silk stitches beautifully into a 13 or 18 count canvas. It can be plied out or stitched as is to create rough texture or stitched flat to be a smooth as silky satin!

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More Colors of Straw Silk

Did you know? We carry the complete line of Silk Road Straw Silk. Browse and shop the solid and variegated colors in their line: