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Splendor (S1131 - S1159)

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100% silk  ·  12-ply divisible  ·  8 yard card  ·   Hand Washable

Meet Splendor

Splendor, by Rainbow Gallery, is a 12-ply silk comprised of three 4-ply bundles twisted together. The twist of each individual strand is tighter than most silks making it easier to use. Many of the usual problems experienced with silk will not occur with Splendor. Anyone that stitches with cotton floss will have no problem with it. Dyed to match many of the Splendor colors are Splendor Silk Ribbon, Grandeur, Elegance, and Subtlety.

Recommendations for use:
Needlepoint 18 Count: 4 ply, 14 Count: 6 ply
Cross Stitch 14 Count: 2 ply, 18 Count: 1 ply

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More Colors of Splendor

Did you know? We carry the entire line of Splendor by Rainbow Gallery, 350 colors! Splendor colors are sorted by Style Number (see the complete Splendor color card on this page to find the item number), and can also be found by searching any keyword you know using our Thread & Fiber Finder!